General Requirement of Certification:

Requirement of conversion period

for conversion of an agricultural farm from Conventional to Organic, i.e., the time between start of Organic Management and the Certification of Crops as Organic :
  •  Annual Crops - 02 years
  • Perennial Crops : 3 Years

Part conversion

when part of a conventional farm or unit has already been converted to Organic Production or Processing and part is in the process of conversion. The conventional field/storage shall be separate and inspectable.

Seed/Planting Materials

shall be from Certified Organic Source, otherwise should be chemically untreated.

Fertilizers and chemicals

permitted from Certified Organic Source only. On-site production of inputs is advised.

Buffer Zone

is required to avoid chemical/fertilizer spray drift from neighboring fields.


has to be maintained.

Agricultural Implements

should be kept separately for Organic Agricultural Operations or else to be cleaned thoroughly before use.

Records to be maintained at field level.

  • Farm Dairy
  • Annual Organic Farm Management Plan
  • Purchase Records
  • Sale Records
  • Information regarding Organic Agricultural Training

Harvest & Storage

Organic Produce shall be harvested, stored and transported separately.

Parallel production:

same or similar crops should not be grown in Conventional and Organic Agricultural fields, simultaneously.

Seed/Planting Material

  • Seed/Planting Material
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) not allowed.

Chemical pesticides and growth hormones not allowed.

Human excreta and Urine usage is not allowed in Organic Agriculture.

Interchanging between Conventionl and Organic Agriculture
System not Allowed